Indian Hills on WDSU


We want to send a big thank you to WDSU and Heath Allen for accepting our invitation to come check out Indian Hills Nudist Park! We appreciate the added exposure to the nudist lifestyle and hope to see you again soon. Check out the video and transcript from our news spot below.


Francine: This is the place to be. It’s cool, relaxing. There’s no laundry.
Heath: A visit to Indian Hills Nudist Park really is a trip back to nature: ducks, turtles, and social nudity. Very social nudity. Certainly in the midst of the summertime heatwave, stripping down to “hoo-da-hoodie” and jumping in the pool is one way to go to cool off.
Tracia: Every hour, two hours, we pass around ice cold pickles or freezie pops or watermelon, just to keep everybody hydrated and safe.
Heath: But Tracia Kraemer, who got dressed just for us by the way, says social nudity is much more than just beating the heat. It’s friendship, security, confidence, and trust.
Tracia: People say things like “there’s nothing to see there.” Well, we’re not here to be seen. You know, we’re here to be a community. So, we’re not animals in a zoo.
Dawn: It’s nudity. It’s just not wearing clothes. It’s just that simple.
Heath: Talk about a friendly bunch of folks. You never saw so much of your friends. But really, it’s a different kind of heat that goes when the clothes go.
Patrick: They’re free to let go. And like my wife says, it’s hard to be mean when you’re naked.
Dawn: Very educated people, very family oriented people. This is the cream of the crop. This is as good as it gets as far as people goes.
Heath: And they say you haven’t done karaoke until you’ve done it naked. But then…
Tracia: We do everything you do at a campground, we just do it naked.
Francine: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Halloween, everything. We have these fabulous meals, parties. And it’s a family community. We all take care of each other here.
Heath: That they do. In fact, they’re dressing, so to speak, for Christmas in July. And in the midst of summer, the gathering place is certainly still the pool. The place to cool off and the sunscreen is free.
Tracia: The first time you burn any of those parts, you don’t forget it.
Heath: They don’t get a lot of exposure at Indian Hills. Ok, just not a lot on television. But in the heat of July, they’re getting by. Just barely.

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